Passage to President Donald Trump

Dear US President-elect Donald Trump! 

My name is Ghousuddin Mir and I am from Afghanistan. 

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your success in recent US presidential elections. 

A large number of Americans and people around the world were shocked and disappointed to see you win the historical elections, but it was not a surprise for me. I believe you are not a routine politician who is dealing routine, boring and unproductive matters. I take our words very serious that is why I take the liberty to write this letter. 

My country, Afghanistan, has been in war for nearly four decades and I am desperate to get a sense of peace not only in Afghanistan but throughout the world. I believe US can always play a constructive role in the world order. Afghanistan needs this order and the time is now. Your predecessors made big promises for changes but those changes were for more wars, more invasion and more loss of civilian lives.  

I have spent much of my life doing social and cultural services. I am optimistic to you and your presidency. I hope a long-lasting peace prevail by the end of your presidency and the world see an end to all small or large scale of war either in form of invasion or civil war. I also hope the world stops competing for proliferating of small or heavy weapons. The world does not need lethal weaponry. Please re-visit US policies on Afghanistan and the countries that US is militarily involved. 

Economic development for all races, religions, and colors must be a priority for all of us and this is an area of your interest. 

I pray and hope no-one gets killed and no child becomes orphan because of war during your term in office. 

With Peace and Love

Ghoussudin Mir

The head of Afghanistan Cultural Association (AKIS) in Austria

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